How To Fix Issue Of iPhone Not Charging


iPhone are faced with so many Charging issues. If are an iPhone users and your device is faced with Charging issue – You will be struggling to overcome it. Or Maybe you have pass through this difficult moment before.

Some of the charging issue has to do with the charging cable, the phone charging port and also other factors that might likely be responsible. This tutorial will help you with simple solution to fix the charging problems.

How To Fix Issue of iPhone Not Charging

1. Slow iPhone charging

One of the iPhone charging issues that users are facing is that of their device charging slowly. This issue started after the release of iOS 12 and it affects many iPhone models. Apple has confirmed the issue and say they are working on a software fix for it. If there is a software update available for your iPhone, you should install it.

2. iPhone Charging Not Turn on

If your iPhone charges but isn’t turning on, Apple recommends that you leave it plugged and let it charge for one hour, then try to turn it on again. if it still will not run on, you need to contact Apple Support.

3. Your iPhone is Not Charging At all

If your phone is not charging then it could be as a result the charging cable is damage or even dirty. So firstly to clean any dirty you need to do the following;

  • Get a soft cleaning cloth or even soft brush.
  • Now Lightly clean the charging port as well as the cable’s end.

If it still not working there is a probability that your iPhone charging port is damaged take it to an Apple-certified support centre to have it checked and fixed. or If the cable is damage then you should have a replace of it.

Best Recommended iPhone Charging Cable

Is there any need to replace your iPhone charging cable, we recommend the ZUS Kevlar cable. It is tough and built to survive but will set you back by about $20. A more affordable option that is the Anker Powerline cable. It isn’t built like the ZUS, but it is a reliable product and costs about $12.null



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