WhatsApp Introduces Contact Ranking System Feature – See How It Works


WhatsApp is rolling out another feature dubbed Contact Ranking – This is rolling out for beta program for iOS. The whatsApp Contact Ranking feature will auto rank your contacts depending on the contact you interact more with. According to the Report noted that the ranking system works locally and no data is sent to WhatsApp.

How It Works.

The algorithm analyzes various conditions such as – How much you chat with a specific contact per day (so if you send and receive messages — normal ranking — if you send and receive media — good ranking — if you ignore the message — bad ranking).

  • If you are used to calling a specific contact (that’s the best way to increase the ranking).
  • If you and a contact are in the same group and you interact with each other’s (with replies and mentions).
  • If you view or ignore a status update published by that specific contact.

The ranking system then orders your contacts in the Status updates screen from most important to least important – instead of listing them chronologically.

This feature is not yet available for Android Beta Tester only for iOS users. But will be rolling out to Android soon.


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