New Feature: WhatsApp Will Be Rolling out “Private Reply” Feature Soon


WhatsApp is rolling out another update ‘Private Reply’ Feature. Apart from the WhatsApp Status Ads Feature we are still expecting.

The Private reply feature can also be used to privately reply old messages in a group where the Send messages feature is on “Only admin”. This feature will be rolled out any time soon.

How It Works

The new feature allows users to privately reply a message in a group. When you tap Reply privately, the chatApp will automatically open the private chat with the contact.

The feature is already live to beta users but I’ll advice you not to update your app yet, because it crashes the app whenever you attempt to delete a media from a chat. So as of now It’s not recommended to update to the 2.18.335 version but you should wait the 2.18.336/337 update.

Hope This Helps?


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