LG Making smartphone With 16 Camera Lenses – It Can Do Crazy Things


LG is currently working on a new smartphone with many lenses according to Report. LG sports a smartphone with 16 camera on the rear. The camera’s are arranged in four rows and four columns, will you be needing this 16 camera upcoming smartphone?

LG smartphone

According to patent they suggests that you can replace sections of a photo with sections taken from a different angle. As well as the camera array can be used to 3D scan objects, to simply take 16 images from a variety of angles, or to generate “moving images” by combining data from the various cameras.

LG smartphone



There is no expectation that LG will ever come up with such a phone – patent further added The smartphone will allow use the main camera to take selfie by equipping it. This likely the same kind of technology used on the older flip phones and compact camera.


Are you ready?


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