How To Stop and Disable Auto App Updates On Android Smartphones


An Automatic App updates on android is quiet useful because it will help in updating your Apps to latest version but at same time consumes and wipe your mobile browsing data plans. Automatic update of a big game can eat up your monthly data plan.

If you wish to avoid long talk, In this article i will be showing you how to disable the Auto App Updates. Disabling the Auto updates is quiet easy. So follow below steps

NOTE: While this article is being written for MIUI devices, the method works on any and all Android devices.

How To Disable and Stop Automatic App Updates On Android

1. Launch the Google Play Store app and tap on the hamburger menu marked in the picture below. Now, tap on “Settings”.

2. Tap on the “Auto-update apps” setting. As you can see you will be provided with three options. Select the first option to disable the auto-update of apps. As seen below

3. I would Suggest you choose the Third Option, That is the Auto Update Apps over Wi-Fi Only – If you have an unlimited WiFi plan at home or office. By so doing, not only you won’t find app updates eating your mobile data plans but you won’t have to install the app updates manually either.

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