Google Drive Option For Android Manual Backup Now Rolling Out


Google Drives helps you to backup your data like text message,app data, contact and call history on your android smartphone. But there have never been an option for manual backup of your data. It only automatically backup to driver when they are plugged into a charger or connected to Wi-Fi.



According to a tweet by 9to5google reader, a new option in the backup setting now allows users to manually initiate a Google Drive backup. this feature was promised to arrive on August 2018 but never showed up until now. This new option will make it easier to backup your data properly before trading your phone or even before performing a factory reset.

Moreover according to the user, He made it clear to have seen the “Back Up Now” button in his pixel 2 and as well saw it on some older device running on Android Marshmallow like the Droid Turbo. It looks like the option is gradually rolling out to more device via Google Play Service – it doesn’t require an OTA update.

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