Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Variant To Come With 12GB RAM and 1TB Of Storage


There was a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could come with 12GB RAM back in October but after the rumors was let off the hook after verifying that it is merely forecast by an analytical firm and not leaked specs.

Today a new report by GF Securities said that The Galaxy S10 will be coming with Massive 12GB RAM and Internal storage of 1 Terabyte. This specifications seems to correspond with Galaxy S10 5G variant that is said to feature 6.7inch screen display.

Galaxy S10


Though some leak had revealed the phone with model number of SM-G75FC, it could arrive with 512 GB of storage. It still unseen if eventually it will have 512 GB or 1 TB of storage. It been heard that the Galaxy S10 5G could be equipped with four cameras in the back, which will be made of white or black ceramic.

samsung galaxy s10

It was also said that the Samsung galaxy S10 will as well feature a 3D detection module based on TOF (Time-Of-Flight), which is a technology that calculates depth by measuring the amount of time that infrared light takes to reach the subject and be reflected.



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