Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS and PC users in Nov


November is here and we are already into the month and before you even know it, the month is gonna roll by and so we have to flex all the data plans available for this month. And i have taken the liberty of writing this post so as to help you in your internet surfing.

cheap data

Some of this cheats have really been blazed and enjoyeda dn so some of these services have been tweaked and so i guess is your time to feel lucky. Enjoy


MTN N50 for 5GB, N200 for 20GB

This is simple, Dial *123#

Choose option 3 (Data Services)

Choose option 3 (Buy Goodybags)

Then choose option 6 (WECHAT) and subscribe to WeChat weekly for N50. Once you’ve successfully subscribed, dial *131*4# and you’ll see 5GB Data. It can be accumulated! If you are not eligible for the plan, you’ll get “you don’t have active data plan on this …”

Note: This tweak is sim selective and if you are so unlucky to get it, then continue with normal Data plan.

Validity period is 7days.

MTN mPulse Data Plan

MTN mPulse: is still rocking and you get 1.2GB for N150. It powers all your applications. With KPN tunnel VPN you are good to go. Please check this post for guide.

However new users can no longer be migrated to the plan. If you are an old user, stay their otherwise you won’t be migrate back to the plan once you are out.

Airtel NG

How many of you enjoyed the tweak before it was discontinued? Nothing is so sweet like cheap browsing data plan.  For now, you’ll need to go with the normal Airtel Data Plans by dialing *141# except you want to download therefore we’ll recommend Night Crawlers Plan.


Awesome service with this network because when you recharge, you get 200% of your airtime, which you can use to browse, call other networks and do otherwise depending on the packaging you are currently rocking…

You recharge N1000, you get extra N2000 = N3000. Use N1000 to subscribe for your data and rock the hell out of the remaining N2000.

However, I pointed out here that Glo network drains the hell out of smartphone battery which is not nice at all.

Glo OgaSim:

Glo Ogasim gives you 125% bonus data whenever you recharge your line before your current plan expires. Guys are rocking it.

Take for instance, when you recharge with N1000, you get 4.8GB. N2500 gives you 14.4GB to last you for 30 days which you can always roll over.

For Night Crawlers:

Do you have heavy file to download? Then I’ll suggest you make use of Airtel Night plan because it’s currently the cheapest plan.

To Activate Airtel Night Plan
This plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users on Airtel, it means you must migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer, dial *312# then reply with 1

To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N200, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500
» Simply dial *312#
» For 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N200, reply with 3 – Night Plan from 12am – 5am.

Dial *140# to check your balance.


There is not really much to say about them especially as their services are way expensive. We don’t really have much info about them and we are particularly on a low key about 9mobile.


Ntel fans in the house? There have been complaints lately about this network and we don’t know what the management is doing about it. However, you can still activate 12GB for N1000 by simply recharging your line and contacting their CC. You can also see how to do it Here.


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