Airtel Timely Based Data Plans – Enjoy Unlimited Browsing For Just N300


Airtel Timely Based Data Plan was launched sometimes in 2015 and the price was revisited in 2016. The plan allows you to surf the net unlimited for a particular time frame depending on the package you subscribe for.

The Time base data plan helps you to download browse unlimitedly for a short period of time. This comes handy and very beneficial when you trying to download a large file and you don’t want to tamper with your normal data plan.

You can immediately subscribe for the Time Base Plan and You good to Go. The cool part of it is that you can download a large file of almost 8GB within 30mins or 60mins if you have a strong network connection.


Airtel Time Base Data Plan Packages

Before, the subscription price for 30min and 60min was N90 and N180 respectively. But has now been increased to N300 and N500.

  • 30min goes for N300
  • 60min goes for N500


How To Subscribe?

Simply dial *439# – It is only valid over the period of minutes it is been capped.


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