Best Top 5 Free and Premium Online Video Streaming Websites


Many have been searching for best free and premium video streaming websites. There are many popular site for online video streaming. Though some might just disappear after few days of been launched.

As well many don’t like searching for best site for free and premium streaming. The mortality rate of streaming is very high. The result is that you have to be continuously looking for websites to know the best site for online streaming

There are many fake Streaming site and as well Poor Quality online streaming sites but in this article i will be listing top 5 websites for Online movie streaming. These platforms have a long-standing and more preference among the audience.

Top 5 Best Free and Premium Online Streaming Sites


1. YouTube Movies

Thinking of Online streaming site, the first thing that comes to your mind is Youtube. As you know Youtube is the most popular entertainment video site and as well as one of the best.

You can simply watch movies for free and or by paying a little amount on the website. Most of us may have difficulty in searching for free movies on YouTube.

For that, you can use some third-party apps to search for free movies on YouTube. These third-party apps will help you to find your favorite free movies on YouTube.

The YouTube Movies section has all the movies list categorized according to their genre. But, not all the movies listed here are for free.

You will find some recent movies which are paid. You can either visit the Third-party website to get all the list of free movies on YouTube. Don’t worry, there are many such sites and apps that let you watch for free.

2. Hotstar

Another popular website would be HotStar. It is one of the most popular apps or website which would blow your mind when watching movies.

Hotstar is the latest and a popular trending website and an app for TV series and movies and of course sports. The website or app Hotstar has a list of all the movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Mollywood and more.

Many of the listed movies on the website (the HotStar app is also available) are free and some of them are available for premium members of the website or app.

The display or the movie quality in Hotstar is quite good. It gives great fun to watch movies on the website.


3. Solar movies

Solar movies is free streaming movie website on the internet. It is the most wonderful website you will ever find for streaming. Solar movies just let its audience watch the movies for free.

It is specifically designed for movies and no other shows or series. You just have to create a free account on their website. After creating a free account on their website you need to confirm your account from your email ID.

Now, after confirming your solar movies account you will now be able to watch movies from the website. It is the most exotic website that you will ever enjoy on the Internet.

It offers many such movies and of course old and gold movies too. You can access this online movie streaming channel from anywhere in the world.

It can be accessed in all the countries without any restrictions. They offer all the movies in all the languages for free. This website is accessible only on the internet, or Wi-Fi options. Without the internet, you won’t be able to watch movies as the website needs the internet connectivity to surf on. Yes, that is why it is called streaming.


Voot doesn’t only have movies and series; it also has a good number of shows to watch anywhere and everywhere. It has a good movie collection, and most exciting part of the website is almost all the movies can be watched for free.

Even the shows that you want to watch are free. It is basically a free website or app that you can simply download from the Google Play Store or website that you can simply stream content online. These movies can be watched online on Voot.

Voot also has its own made original web series and also it has a specific dedicated category for young kids named “Voot Kids”. The Voot kids stream only cartoons and animations and other informative shows specially made for kids.


This is the recently popular streaming service among online audience in India. JioCinema simply helps you to watch your movies and shows online. The JioCinema movies can be either watched over their website or on the mobile application.

JioCinema is not completely free unless and until you are a Jio Prime subscriber. You need to subscribe or you need to have your own Jio SIM.

With this joint SIM card or subscription, you can easily watch movies without any hurdle or objections. You will get the website or the app for free.

JioCinema has a wide variety of movies and music videos collections. To use this, you need to have a Jio SIM as it works only with Jio account or the Jio prime account membership. It is available for Web, Android, iOS and other platforms


NOTE: The sites above for streaming and watching online videos are accessible for free without paying of a penny. To get best of entertainment video, Log unto any of above site and search your video.

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