Check Out Latest Android Distribution Chart – Android 9 Pie Is Still Missing


Just like the last time, another Android distribution chart of OS and updates is out. The latest edition records Oreo at just under 1/5 of the market (19.2% total between v8.0 and 8.1), a 4.6 percentage points increase from the last time we saw.

Nougat has managed to retain it’s position as the largest piece, but there’s a slight drop (29.3% vs. 30.8%) , all thanks to the little gain by Oreo and other new releases.

android distribution chart

On Pie again, the latest Android 9.0 is yet to find its way to the chart – no wonder that’s the case when it’s pretty much just the Pixels having it and the odd Android One device that’s only now starting to see some update love.






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