Instagram To Allow Users Request For Verification Badge Using Its App


Recently Facebook-owned social network, Instagram released new feature on its mobile App which allow users to add questions inside their Stories. Dubbed “questions stickers”, the new option does not only enables Instagram users to put questions and their answers in their Stories but also reshare them in a new Instagram story. It aimed at improving the overall experience for every single user on the platform.

Currently, It appears the social media company may be looking to please just a limited number of people. Instagram is testing a new process that’s hidden within the settings screen that will allow users to request verification from the platform directly. The moment your request is submitted, the Facebook-owned company will review each application individually and, if accepted, will grant users the coveted blue checkmark symbol.

This was made known to public on a post by Australian publication Nine, As of now, the feature is only available to a limited number of users. Actually, at this moment in time, it appears only Australian users of the platform who also happen to own an iPhone have access to it, although it’s claimed that Android owners will also receive access to the function over the coming weeks. Though, it’s claimed that other countries will eventually receive the feature.

For now, the decision behind the slow roll out remains pretty unclear, but it could potentially be a strategic move that will help ensure it can cope with the high level of requests that are set to follow the feature’s launch in each market.


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