How To Fix Hanging Issue On Android Smartphone


Android smartphone are very cheap and affordable but are always faced with issue of hanging and Lagging, There are millions of solutions in fixing this issues. But in this article i will be highlighting those whose will give you immediate effect once applied.

Hanging of phones can be caused by many thing which including Low RAM, Low memory storage, Operating system and sometime Malware. Fixing Android hanging problems requires time and patient as first step might not work for you, that means you will try out the second step. Lets Proceed;


1. Move installed Applications to External Memory

If you are using a lot of applications on your smartphone, you need to move few apps to the external memory. Moving applications to the external memory is the best way to empty the storage space of your phone.

You can install applications directly in the external memory cards and you can set the external memory card as default memory.

Go to setting > storage > Tap on the SD card Storage


2. Use External Memory to Save Songs, Video and Larger files

Too much use of phone memory is the main reason smartphones hang. Save your self the stress, get an external memory for your device.


3. Clear unwanted data by increasing memory

Cache from different website and Apps also contribute in slowing down your phone as they are saved in the phone and therefore consuming up its memory space. In other to fix this, All you need to do is to;

Go to setting > Storage > Click on cached data and click on OK to clear caches.


4. Avoid Overheating

Overheating is another element that has rendered many phones useless today, Once you can avoid overheating on your phone definitely you stand a chance to prolong your phone lasting period. Simple steps to prevent your phone from over heating are;

  • To Turn off Unused Apps from your Phone:
  • Remove it from 4G and set it to 3G or 2G only. (Network is the number one reason why your smartphone overheat. Only turn on your 4G if you have something important to do online.)
  • Keep it in a cool place. Smartphone perform well under cool environment.
  • As an Android User, You can also download cool master App, it will help to cool down your smartphone.

If you have experienced such an issue, feel free to share with us. Don’t forget to share with friends as well.


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