How To Make a CardlessWithdrawal and Payment On ATM


I will be showing you how to perform a cardless transaction on the ATM, You mighty be hearing this for the first time but its possible. You don’t need your Debit Card all you need is a mobile phone number.

Because Once a transfer is done, a secure code is sent to the recipient’s phone number, the recipient can then take this code to an ATM machine,and then select the cardless withdrawal option, follow the prompts and cash out.

This Cardless Transaction is useful as in some countries, The cardless payment lets a bank account holder to send cash to someone who does not have a bank account. All the recipient needs is a mobile number. Businesses also use this to pay staff salaries and wages.



How To Make A Cardless Withdrawal and Payment On ATM

Looking at how to make a cardless payment and withdrawal, In some principle, it works via USSD, though some banks have implemented it to work only via their mobile apps. In our opinion, this defeats the purpose, but then perhaps also offers more security to users.

Now From your phone, dial a code unique to your bank or send an SMS to a USSD number and follow instructions;

  1. You are sent a code/PIN for use to make the withdrawal
  2. At the ATM, select the “Cardless Withdrawal” or “Paycode Cashout” option
  3. Enter the Amount you want to withdraw and press the OK button.
  4. You are required to enter the code/PIN that was generated for you.
  5. At this point the ATM dispenses your cash


NOTE: This Cardless Withdrawal is depending if your bank has implemented the service. Although that the cardless withdrawal process may be slightly different from how it is presented above.



This service can become the future bank because, Possibly. Considering the sheer amount of transactions you can carry out at an ATM already. You can transfer funds, link your BVN, make cardless withdrawals, and even deposit cash into your bank account.


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