How To Get 12GB Data On Ntel WAWU SIM For Just N1000


Ntel Customers are still enjoying up their awoof bonus offer. Few months back,  Ntel introduced WAWU SIM. Ntel wawu which gives you 10GB bonus offer, 500% Double data bonus and many more.  It still looks like they are not stopping this offer give away soon.

As the current offer now gives you 12GB Free data, which is suitable on any internet 4G Network supported device. As we all know Ntel is 4G LTE Network  Provider which has their service operating in three states in Nigeria, they are Abuja, Rivers state, and Lagos state.
If currently you can enjoy 12GB Free data for just N1000, it means you can equally get 24GB Bonus data for N2000. the validity period is 12month.

How To Enjoy 12GB Data Bonus For Just N1000 

 All you need to do is to walk to any ntel outlet, register for a new WAWU SIM and 12GB free data will be smiling at you to last you for 12months. The Ntel SIM is sold at N1000, So therefore the more ntel SIM you purchase the more extra 12GB Free data you accumulate.
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