5 Great Ways to Keep Up With the Latest Technology Trends


In the tech world, things move fast. With new technologies emerging all the time, whether it be in the field of smartphones, transport, online security or app creation, it can be hard to keep up with all the technological changes. Each year there are new types of devices, software and online platforms to contend with. Here are some ways that you keep up with the latest technology trends and be an active participant in the constantly developing tech world.

  1. Follow Tech News
    One of the most efficient ways to keep up with emerging technology trends is to stay up-to-date with tech news. Find technology-focused website and subscribe to their newsletter or alerts so you can get updates on what is happening in the tech world delivered to your inbox every day. Publications such as TechCrunch and Imnovation Hub focus specifically on science and tech-related news and research but you can also read the technology sections of any sites where you get your news such as the BBC.

The Verge and The Guardian. By opting for alerts, you can integrate reading about tech news into your daily routine. Apps like Panda or Pocket allow you to create a customised offline news feed on your smartphone so you can read about tech news even when you might not have data access.If you’re not up for reading pages and pages of information, an accessible way of following the latest technology trends is to listen to tech-related podcasts.

  1. Join Online Forums
    Online forums are a great way of keeping up with technology trends and also provide a space where you can discuss your thoughts, asks questions and express doubts about what may be happening in the tech world. It can be interesting to see what other questions people are asking or the different opinions people might have on a particular device or software.

It gives you a chance to connect with other users who share the same interests as you as well as users who might have access to more information than you have. Joining global forums will allow you to connect with people from different parts of the world who may have different opinions, resources or sources of information. This allows for a bigger flow of information amongst the forum. Being part of a forum and staying in the know in this way also gives you the opportunity to predict or forecast future trends.

  1. Read The Latest Research Reports
    As well as keeping up with tech news, reading the latest research reports and journal articles can allow you to learn about new technologies directly from researchers and industry professionals themselves. Online there are a whole host digital resources and platforms that can give you access to different reports on findings from companies in the tech industry.
  2. Check Out Electronics Stores
    While it may seem old-fashioned, there is a way to keep up with the latest technology trends without using the internet. You can do this by simply checking in at your local electronics store or home entertainment retailer.

If there are new tech products on the market and available for purchase, this is where they’ll be. This is a great way to actually see the product rather than just reading about it online. You can have a better sense of its functionality and how it might change the tech world by seeing it in person.

  1. Follow Important Players On Social Media
    All the tech gurus and important players in the tech world are, understandably, on social media and use social media platforms as a way of keeping their followers up to date with what is going on in their world or posting content on their blogs.

By following these kinds of personalities on Twitter and Facebook, you can tap into some great tech minds and get the latest information practically firsthand from them. Some good examples of people to follow are Elon Musk, John Legere, Reshma Saujani and Kara Swisher who all actively work in the tech space and can provide knowledge other users might not have.

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