Top 9 Reason Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains More Quickly


Our mobile phones are like more of friend to us, because we use it frequently on daily basis, therefore maintaining the smartphone is our part of responsibility. Do your smartphone battery always drains quickly? Despite the huge massive battery capacity? If yes.

In this articles you get acquainted with reasons why your smartphone drains more easily and faster.  At least this will help to boost your battery lasting period. Below are some reason Your smartphone battery always dies quickly;

1. High Screen brightness : Setting your backlight or screen backlight too high can slowly reduce your battery percentage and not only that, it can also cause overheating. Always try to set it on a moderate level and also let your phone sleep when not in use.

2. Background Apps: This issue can cost you of your data and battery. It’s the top suspect and you need to be in look for some apps that are not useful but running in background. Kindly use your phone device apps manager to stop them.

3. Overusing battery draining apps: When you play HD movies or use battery draining apps like Google Maps, Facebook and others, your battery power will be consumed faster. These apps are good to use but they takes a lot of power to run, so moderate the way you use them.’

4. Hardware Issues: Issues from hardware are severe, especially if is from the IC board and can make your your battery die quickly. You need to get a professional opinion or go to any local store around your area for a fix.

5. Switching On 4G Network: Many are used in leaving on their 4G Network even when is not in use. Make sure you turn off your Network when not in used because 4G, 3G and even 2G drains your battery more faster.

6. Apps and Data are automatically syncing: Syncing means refreshing. When your phone keeps automatically syncing your apps and data like videos, photos, apps, music and others, then your battery is likely to consume faster.

7. Using Resource Intensive Apps: When you make use of resource intensive applications like playing HD games and some huge size games, your battery is likely to die very fast. Ready to charge if you are a game addict.

8. Phones Software Update: At some time, Old software usually leads to draining of your smartphone battery. when Your software is not up-to-date, It makes the device to malfunction. Likewise, the current software version of your phone can be responsible of draining your battery, probably the version has bugs and need an upgrade to fix the issue

9. Using Battery Saver: These Apps actually drains your battery in one way or the other, As they usually runs in backgrounds. So therefore look into it and as well use your phone Power Saving Mode when trying to save more battery.

10: Always Switch On To Ultra Mode: These Feature might not be available for old Android version users, But Most smartphones of today comes with this it. So therefore you can always turn On the Ultra mode feature when phone is not in use for a short period of time.



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