Easy Steps On How To Root Tecno WX3 Pro Smartphone Running On Android 7 Nougat


Rooting gives you full Access to your device. You might find it difficult Rooting your Tecno WX3 Pro running on Android 7 nougat but with this guide, You will get acquainted on how to root your Tecno WX3P.

The Tecno WX3 Pro is a low end device that runs on Android 7.0 nougat and powered by MT6580 chipset processor. it comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage along side with massive 5000mAh battery capacity.


How To Root Tecno WX3 Pro Running On Android 7 Nougat


STEP 1: Use Miracle box to dump your phone’s firmware in scatter format via here. Then, download SuperSU 2.78 zip file for Tecno WX3P-H8017AB-N-170523V63 via here and for Tecno WX3P-H8017AB-N-170829V142 via here and save to both SD card and phone storage.

STEP 2: Create a folder named CLICKEDWAP on your PC and copy preloader.bin from your Miracle box backup into the clickedwap created folder.

STEP 3: Now, download Philz for Tecno WX3P-H8017AB-N-170523V63 via here and Philz for Tecno WX3P-H8017AB-N-170829V142 via here. Copy the recovery.bin and scatter file from the Philz file you downloaded earlier into the clickedwap created folder, making preloader.bin, scatter file and recovery.bin in the folder. Additionally, flash the recovery.bin and preloader.bin using Miracle box using this tutorial here.

STEP 4: After flashing, boot to recovery mode using Volume Up + Power Button. In the Philz Recovery, use Power button to Select and Volume buttons to navigate.

STEP 5: Now select “Install ZIP“, move to the location of the SuperSU 2.78.zip file on the SD card and select it. Wait till flashing is complete, select NO if prompted to fix root, reboot normally and finally, check root by installing Root checker app.

In addition to above tutorial, If you want TWRP recovery after root, kindly download for Tecno WX3P-H8017AB-N-170523V63 via here.


Hope This Tutorial Helps?


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