How To Transfer All Data and Files From An Old Phone and Switch To A New Phone


Getting a New smartphone is indeed great but on the other hand moving your files from the old to the new phone is one of the most stressful experience.

Many usually move all files from Old phone to the new one, by the use of PC and other difference means. But in this post i will be introducing an App to you which will assist you in moving all your files from old phone over to the new phone in few minutes. Lets Proceed!

How To Transfer All Files From An Old Phone and Switch To A New Phone

1. Firstly Download: CLONEit APP.Apk on both the old and new smartphone

2. Launch the Apps on both phones.

3. You will be asked to choose which is the old phone and new phone as well. Set the phone you are switching away from as the “Old Phone”, and set the phone you just bought as the “New Phone”.

4. On the old phone, touch the icon that appears representing the new phone and it will connect to the new phone.

5. After connecting, the app will ask you to choose the data that you want to move over to the new phone. The options include: SMS, Call logs, Apps, Documents, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Phone Settings. It is a very comprehensive set.

6. You can now select everything. and you good to go. At this point, the old phone will transfer your selected data to the new phone. Basically, the app clones everything on your old Android smartphone into the new.



In Other to avoid lost of contact from Old phone to the new one, Always save your contacts to Google Outlook Contact. By so doing whenever you Sign in your gmail on the new phone, All your contacts will Automatically Synchronize with need for manual backup.

Hope This Helps?


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