Microsoft Launches Photo Companion For Android and iOS – Helps To Ease Transfer From Phone To PC


Microsoft has launched a new app for both Android and iOS Users called Photo Companion, The name alone explains what the App is all about.

Photo Companion is a Photo App develop to help users transfer their photos from their Phones to your Windows 10 PC. They will then be available in the Windows 10 Photos app. Before you can transfer your photos easily – you need to Download the Photo Companion On your Android and iOS Device.


How To Use The Photo Companion To Transfer Photos From Phone To Window 10

  • After Downloading and Installing on Your Phone
  • You just need to scan the QR code shown in the Windows Photos app (To make sure that has the required functionality, grab the latest update from the Microsoft Store.)
  • Once your phone and the Windows 10 Photos app are ‘paired’ after that barcode scan
  • At this point, you will be able to Send multiple photos to the PC over the same Wi-Fi network.


In Addition you can also start a video project in Windows Photos, and then directly add images and videos into it from your phone.



For the Pairing using Scan QR code isn’t permanent, it will have to be redone every time you want to transfer something over, but that’s not very hard. You can edit, customize with ink, and of course share photos with your friends once they’re in the Photos app on the PC.

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