New Features: WhatsApp New Update For iOS – Allows You to Listen to Your Voice Message Before Sending it


WhatsApp is always rolling out updates and features in other to meet up and increases user experience. whatsapp is introducing to you ability to Listen to your Voice message before sending it to a friend.

Before now, you aren’t able to listen to your voice messages on WhatsApp before sending them and every incoming call will automatically terminating the voice recording. But with this latest whatsApp update for iOS users will fix that detected bug.

You can now listen to your voice message before sending them to the recipient; and also, when you are recording a voice message, and you receive and incoming whatsapp call, your voice message would no longer be deleted but will be saved.



How This Feature Works

For example, you are recording a voice message and at the same time one of these situations happens:

  • You receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call;
  • You listen a voice message;
  • You close WhatsApp;
  • Your battery is low;
  • You want to forward/delete a message or you change chat/section;
  • You view an image, video, album…


WhatsApp will Automatically save your voice message and you won’t lose it! This indeed a great feature!


Where To Download?

Visit App store and Update Your WhatsApp to the latest version 2.18.10 and you are good to enjoy the feature update.

As of time of writing – This feature isn’t available for Android users yet but we hoping to see it roll out for Android users in Near Future.

source: Webetainfo


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