HMD Trademarks and Now Owns Asha Brand, Nokia Former Smartphone Line


Hope you can still remember old Nokia Asha Smartphone ? Nokia Asha were a lineup of feature phones that often featured a touchscreen and a focus on online services – Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

According to report reaching us, HMD just trademarked “Asha” with the EU Intellectual Property Office. Asha phones offered smartphone like usefulness when genuine phones were excessively expensive. That made them a key component of Nokia’s “next billion” plan.


We don’t feel that HMD will go the element smartphone course, notwithstanding. For one, the new application particularly specifies that “Asha” can be utilized for smartphones.



HMD itself might be working on an Android Go phone, the Nokia 1. So the new Nokia Asha lineup may be home to low-cost Android Go handsets with a dose of nostalgia. This to say we will be seeing Nokia Asha Smartphones Product in near future.


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