Must Read: Survival Statistics for Mesothelioma


We want to look at Survival statistics for mesothelioma. This article might look strange but we felt it will be very beneficial to you. Survival rates are often used by doctors as a standard way of discussing a person’s prognosis (outlook). Some people want to know the survival statistics for people in similar situations, while others may not find the numbers helpful, or might not even want to know them.

Survival rates are often based on previous outcomes of large numbers of people who had the disease, but they can’t predict what will happen in any person’s case. Knowing the type and the stage of a cancer is important in estimating outcome.



But many other factors can affect survival, such as a person’s age and overall health, the treatment received, and how well the cancer responds to treatment. Even taking these other factors into account, survival rates are at best rough estimates. Your doctor can tell you if the numbers below apply, as he or she is familiar with your situation.

To get survival rates, doctors have to look at people who were treated at least several years ago. Although the numbers below are among the most current we have available, improvements in treatment since then could result in a better outcome for people now being diagnosed with mesothelioma.



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