Google Go A Lite Search App Officially Launched In India And Indonesia


India is a country with a very Poor Internet connectio so therefore finds it difficult to surf the net freely. About few months back, Google Launched Youtube Go and Now Google Go.

Google Go is a lite version of the Google Search app designed primarily for Android Go Edition devices. The app has been officially released and available only in India and Indonesia.

Google Go came with two languages that allows you to search with either of the two languages or both at a time and with a one tap you can swap the search results between the two languages.

Google Go has been designed to work smoothly on slow internet connection, which aim is to make searching Google more simpler and easier. After opening the app after installation, you will be presented with options to search, do a voice search, search for images, search for GIFs, videos, translation and more.



In Addition, There’s also a feature to add shortcuts to your favorite service on the app which the list is quite many. After setting your favorite service as a shortcut, tapping its icon will just launch the app or otherwise it will take you to its website.



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