Twitter Also Increases Profile Display Name Character Count From 20 to 50


Few days ago twitter increased their Status character limit – from 140 to 280, many users see this update less useful to them and many went on to criticize the update as well. this motivated twitter to also increase Users Profile display name from 20 characters to 50 character.

This was earlier seen in a New Tweet;

NOTE: this change only applies to display names and not to the USERNAMES. For those of you confused as to which is which, the Username is what follows the @ symbol and is often referred to as a “handle.” So don’t confuse thinking its username. because the username character limit still remains 15 as for now.

This update and change is to please does who feel the previous update is less useful to them. Twitter are just trying to please all their users by all means.


So whats Your Say On This?


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