New Features: Users Can Now Create Stories And Save Post Directly From Instagram Mobile Site


Instagram are working on their mobile site for a while in other to improve users experience. Few months back added the ability of users to view stories but ability to create stories were excluded.

The God News here is that, You can now create Stories on Instagram mobile site, and not only that, they added the ability to save posts too. The feature to create a story is now located at the top-left corner of the site.

The only thing that is missing on the mobile site is the ability to DM (messaging) friends which I don’t think Instagram has plans to add. If at last they finally add the feature to their mobile site, then virtually everything on the app will be do-able from the site.

So therefore, To post a Story, simply hit the camera icon on the top left of the site. This was formerly occupied by the ‘Discover People’ button, but it’s now been relocated to the top right corner of the site.

In Addition To The New Added Features, You can as well take a photo or choose one from your Gallery, then add text or change the text color (it’s really advanced stuff). Hit ‘Share to your Story,’ and you’re done. You can also save posts by pressing the little bookmark icon 🔖 on the bottom right of every photo.


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