Glo Announces Unfair Advantage, Free Youtube and iFlix Video Streaming – See How It Works


Glo Introduced Another data plans hashtagged #GloUnfairAdvantage. This came along side after Glo has introduced Jumbo SIM And Everyday Bonanza.

Glo Unfair Advantage is the latest data offer from the network that gives you more value for less money. This offer gives you 50% extra data, double the value of your subscription when you auto-renew your data bundle before it expires.

You might be wondering how it works, Let say for example, N1000 will give you 1.6GB data, but when you auto-renew the plan, you’ll get 4GB instead.


How Does This Offer Work?

All you need to do is to auto renew your data plans and you’ll enjoy the unfair advantage for all Glo prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

You can See More For Instance;

  • Recharge of N3,000 gives you 15GB and recharge of N4000 gives you 24GB when you auto-renew.
  • Recharge of N2000 gives you 3.75GB but when you auto renew, you will get 9.5GB
  • Recharge of N2,500 gives you 12.5GB when you auto renew


In Addition, Glo Also Announces Youtube Package, The Glo free Youtube package is a new offer that lets you stream Youtube videos from 1AM – 5:30AM everyday till the current active data plan expires. All you need to do is to renew your data plan from N500 and above to be eligible for this offer.



Glo Free Access to iFlix

iFlix is just like Netflix; it is the access to the app/site that is free as like all streaming site like Netflix, Hulu etc. You need data to watch/download.

All you need in other To opt-in for this offer, Is to just sms the word Buzz to 105. Hope This Offer will be useful to users who have Strong 3G Internet connection in their Area.


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