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Are you searching for ways to improve your rankings of your website? Then you have come to the right place.

What does your brain figure out when you hear the term “SEO”? Maybe some keywords and some scripting codes, that’s it!! However, when you dive a little deeper into this sea of OPTIMIZATION, then you will get to know a detailed knowledge about the focused portions of the SEO.

When you try to get the detailed information of the respective website, you will get to know some deeper terms like broken links, bounce rates, inbound and outbound links, and so on.

In this article framed beneath, let us have a look at the factors that play a pivotal role while judging your SEO rankings in the SERPs.

    Create relevant Meta titles and keywords

Stick to one thing!

If your keywords contain snorkeling, then stick to the same service. Don’t commit the blunder of jumping to scuba-diving out of the blues! The transition looks too gawky and irrelevant, so while creating the meta title and descriptions, make sure that you are stumbling here and there.

    Generate quality content

When you create and provide genuine content to the website owners, the visitors are attracted to the concept. This makes the users stay longer on the respective page. This stay increases the overall dwelling time and chances increase of the page to rank higher in the SERPs.

Although word count is not ruling the SEO world, longer content gives you the opportunity of getting more value and visibility. Additionally, writing longer content gives you the opportunity to include more keywords at distinct places and incorporate more outbound links to your content.

Another reason to create quality and potential content is when the end users bookmark your content on Chrome Browser, the SEO Ranking of your website is bound to improve.

    Put correct ALT Tags for images included

While you are trying to optimize your Google rankings, don’t forget to use the ALT Tag or in other words, alternative description for your image. Because Google is not able to read and crawl through the images, these ALT texts allow the images to get indexed!

    Include Robots.txt file

Want to show one landing page and not the whole of the website? Then here comes the usage of the Robots.txt file. With this file, you can control the pages that you want to index in the search engine.

It is not recommended that you don’t index the crucial pages for the end users like admin panel, site-map and likewise.

    Check out your Page loading speed
Every browser including Bing and Google take some time to load the requested page. But if the page loading time exceeds some certain period, then the chances of the user leaving the page increases. This would hurt the dwelling time of your website along with an increase in the bounce rate and reduction in the number of pages viewed – Factors that hurt the website’s SEO Ranking!

There are numerable ways to enhance the page load speed viz. Caching plug-ins, streamlined flow of code, optimizing snaps, and minimizing redirection.

According to a research, proper optimization of the images included would shoot up your traffic and conversion rates of the website. The inclusion of good images also increase the user trust and improves user’s experience.

Have a look at the image below so that you can understand the relevance of the page loading time.

    Keep an eye on the Broken Links

wants to see a 404 ERROR on your screen after you click on the landing
pages. The 404 ERRORs are the example for the Broken Links. Not only
this, the search engines consider the broken links as an indication of
the site is old and neglected, and this would hamper your SEO ranking.

you don’t need to go through every page to check the broken links. The
tools and apps are mentioned below for checking the broken links.

✔ Screaming Frog

✔ W3C Link Checker

✔ Google Search Console

This is not the End!!

are many other methods that are included while you are trying to
optimize your website. But the above mentioned are must while you are
performing the optimization.

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Christopher Meloni is a Marketing Manager at Dealslands.UK.
Apart from his profession, he also has a passion of blogging and he
likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his


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