Must Read: The Price Of Apple iPhone 7, Drops In United States – See Price

From the courtesy of T-Mobile USA, If you not satisfied with the price of iPhone 8, Then you can look into iPhone 7 as it is on a good deal currently in U.S.

The iPhone 7 has a 256GB model for $600. But Apple no longer offers those, but it would charge you $650 for the 128GB model. If you prefer to get the phone on a 24-month credit, then you can pay $25 a month (assuming a good credit rating). Note that only Jet Black units are available.

Virgin Mobile drops the Price of iPhone 7 to $450 and the iPhone 6s to $350. This goes without saying that the phones are locked to their respective carriers.


This smartphone is available at cheaper rate and can be purchase from Virgin Mobile Shop & T-Mobile Shop

Hope This isn’t Too Expensive???


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