Lenovo K8, K8 Plus And K8 Note Set To Receive Android 8.0 Oreo Update In Far Future

If you are A user of any of Lenovo K8, K8 Plus Or K8 Note, you should be aware that your device will be receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo update, as was confirmed by the company. but the update is meant to arrive in far future.

According to the Chinese company, the K8 should get Oreo in June 2018, while the K8 Plus and K8 Note will receive the same treatment a month later, in July of next year.

So if you are a user of the device you still have about eight to nine months left for your device to be hitting the update. So By the time Oreo reaches the K8 family, it will be at least ten months old. And if Google sticks to its usual schedule, in August of 2018 Android 9.0 should be out.

Lenovo seems to be talking this long for the update to arrive but anyway It’s also good to know that for now there are no other Lenovo devices slated to receive Oreo at all, so from that point of view K8 owners should be considered lucky.


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