Checkout: About 47% of Apple mobile Users, Already On iOS 11 As It Overtakes iOS 10

iOS 11 which released over three weeks back, is now gradually overtaking it predessor, as most Apple mobile device have been upgrade to the New iOS. According to analytics company Mixpanel, iOS 11 now has 47% market share, compared to 46% for iOS 10.

This amazing but Although the adoption rate for iOS 11 has been slower than what we’ve seen last year for iOS 10. That release managed to overtake iOS 9 in installations in just two weeks, while iOS 11 was only found on 38.5% of devices at the same point in its life.

The iOS 9 and earlier iterations of Apple’s software are still alive and kicking on 6.7% of devices for some reason. Now it has been No.1 depending on its Installation, iOS 11 can only go up even further. Perhaps its market share numbers will be helped even more when iOS 11.1 drops, because that brings with it hundreds of new emoji and reintroduces the 3D Touch gesture that lets you access the app switcher with one hand.



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