ZTE Axon M Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone Set To Be Launched On 17th October 2017, Checkout!

Many leaked images have been flying around about the new foldable smartphones but non have been yet seen, ZTE have kick off with idea of launching to the public a foldable device which we are yet to confirm to be true.  The ZTE is rumoured to launch its Axon M smartphone, code named Axon Multy, on October 17 which could be the first true dual-screen fold-able smartphone.

According to rumors it have it that the smartphone will function as a regular smartphone, once folded. It also claims that the dual screens could mean that the ZTE Axon M will be able to run two apps simultaneously on different screens offering a PC-like experience. There is no Specification or price leaked for this device. This might spot on top-notch as time goes on. But also some leaked photos about the device has been seen On Android Authority.

Rumor further reported saying, That the smartphones comes with dual full-HD display which folds into a 6.8-inch display with a screen resolution of 1920×2160 pixels. ZTE has already confirmed an event on October 17 in New York which may mean that the smartphone will be available in the US initially, not unusual with its global Axon series.

In Addition, Samsung is also widely to launch its Galaxy X foldable smartphone soon, no ones know there way about. But If this rumored specs about ZTE turns out to be true then the ZTE Axon M could be very well seen as a direct competition to the likes of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and LG V30 – all of which have been already announced.

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