iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Now Over Takes HTC And Pixels With Best Camera In DxOMark’s rankings

iPhone 8 And The iPhone 8 Plus is gradually taking over with it massive Specification and It Camera MP which is basically the selling point as for now, DxOMark has published comprehensive reviews of both handsets’ cameras, they have jumped straight to the first two spots in the DxOMark rankings, leaving the HTC U11 and Google Pixel in the dust.

It was recorded that the iPhone 8 Plus shines in picture taking, with a record-breaking Photo score of 96, while for recording videos it gets a score of 89 – tied with the HTC U11 and slightly below the Pixel’s 91. Although The Pixel used to be the king of DxO until the U11 got the same score of 90. Now though, the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera becomes the best that the lab has ever tested, with a score of 94. The iPhone 8’s shooter isn’t far behind, ranked No.2 with its 92 points.

As you can see from graph above the iPhone 8 And The iPhone 8 Plus, has best Image And Video Quality, It is now at the top of the charts in nearly every category, while its advanced software means it does “an amazing job” at capturing HDR scenes and images with faces in them. It has the best zoom and best bokeh effects in a mobile device, very good video stabilization and color rendering, as well as good face tracking in bright light.

On the flip side, there’s some color cast in low and indoor lighting for photos, as well as some autofocus issues. For videos, exposure issues are present, and noise is visible in low-light. The full breakdown of scores by category can be seen in the image above.

Moving on to the iPhone 8, this becomes the highest-performing single-camera smartphone tested by DxO Labs. That’s not surprising of course, seeing as how its rear camera is identical to the main camera of the iPhone 8 Plus. The bigger device’s secondary shooter gives it the edge when it comes to zoom and bokeh, which is why it scored higher than its smaller sibling.

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