How To Spot, Detect And Know A Fake And Original Smartphone

This article is very important for those who wants to buy or get new smartphones because this days many smartphones are counterfeit and i want to show you an easy way to detect a fake smartphone. I know with this article will be a life saver to you all and will help also to know a clone smartphone.

Now you can identify between Fake and Original smartphones During Purchasing. you can also detect a fake smartphone by dialing *#06# to check the IMEI and see if it starts with “35” digits. Then proceed with below.

How To Detect And Know Fake And Original Smartphones

1. LOOK AT THE FONTS: This is another way to spot a fake smartphone. The fonts and symbols on the gadget must be similar, regular and readable. If this is not the case, it means the phone is fake and counterfeit.

2. CHECK USER MANUAL: This is another easiest way to spot a fake or cloned smartphone. Every relevant information about the device must be there in the language of country of purchase. If written in another language that you cannot read, then it is a cloned brand.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MATERIAL: Paying attention to a smartphone material is also good in detecting its authenticity. Material used in making smartphone can be either high or low quality. Popular brands don’t cut back on material. Make sure the plastic covering the phone must be smooth without creases.

4. LOOK AT THE WIRE AND PLUGS: The quality of a wire and plugs are sign of a counterfeit product. If is fake, you will see loose parts but if is original, a plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly.
5. PACKAGING: Always take a close look at the package, paying attention to the print quality ensuring consistency because counterfeiters are sometimes careless in packaging their product, while the real phone makers will always take care of the design and package of even the smaller details of their own goods. Additionally, ensure nothing is loose inside.

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