Google Search Engine, Celebrates Its 19th years Birthday, With 19 Surprises Offer, Checkout!

Google is a Popular Search Engine, which was started back then in 1997 by Larry Page and it was named after the number “googol” Now 19 Years Later we all are now celebrating the Birthday of one of the largest Tech company. Today been google birthday they came along with 19 Surprises for us. which is available through the Spinning Panel.

Today, Google boasts that it currently serves 4.5 billion users in 160 countries and speaks 123 languages. To Participate In the Spinning Surprises, Go to google and google “google birthday surprise spinner” without quotes, you’ll get a spinning wheel like the one on “The Price is Right”. Spinning it, you get plenty of surprises, including games like tic-tac-toe, Solitaire, a tour around the Galapagos islands or Earth Day quiz.

The Easter egg is also intriguing. When you enter “snake” into the search bar, you’ll get the Snake game before any suggestions, results, and images. Playing the game is easy both on desktop and mobile.

Happy Birthday To Google!!!



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