Checkout: See Top 4 Ways On How To Boost Or Prolong Your Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone has been our hope of living everyday to day life, As Technology keep advancing, the more security are been added to Gadget, Many complained of battery life on their smartphones not because the device comes with larger or lower battery capacity but maybe there are some app consuming battery or due to some activities.

In This post  you will be acquainted on how to boost battery lifeline and how to take care of them for precautionary and longevity reasons.

How To Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life

Many are guilty of this,  But at first i will be warning you on the kind of Charger You use in charging your device.

1. Don’t use a fake charger – It’s advisable to use an original charger from the company especially if your phone supports quick charging technology. High capacity chargers can quickly charge it up to 70 percent and can damage it in the process, if not well optimized.

2. Don’t let your phone overheat – To prevent overheating, your phone should be charged in an environment of between 20-30 degrees Celsius. Avoid playing highly intensive games because it increase the temperature of the phone and of course, harm the battery. Do not keep your phone on car dashboard where it will receive direct hot sunlight because heat is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-Ion batteries the kind most smartphones use.

3. Don’t leave the phone on the charger all night – While charging overnight will probably not damage your phone, there is chance that is hurting your battery life. You don’t need to have your phone charged up to 100(%) percent at the end of each charge. You are better off unplugging it at night.

4. Do not use your smartphone while charging – This rule has existed as long as the cellphone, how many actually adhere to it? Charging your phone while using it is called parasitic charging and this kind of usage can apparently be quite damaging. Even small amount of usage load stops the battery from entering a full charging cycle. Hence, damaging the battery.

I Hope By Following Up This Guide You will Notice New Changes in Your Battery Performance.


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