Checkout: Samsung Digital Assistance “Bixby” Is Now Available In India

Last month, Samsung started rolling out Bixby Voice worldwide. And now, the assistant has officially landed in India. The Samsung Bixby Assistance was first launched in the company’s home country of South Korea, following which it arrived in the US And now officially made available in India.

According to Samsung when describig about the Bixby assistance in india, They said  “Bixby Voice features support for various Indian accents, and is hence capable of adapting to Indian dialects and contexts. The company notes that even those Indians who have opted for English (US) language can also use the assistant easily”.

Knowing the diversity in India Accents, at least Bixby has been optimized to understand the Indian accents,” said a senior Samsung India executive.

Whats Your Say About Samsung Bixby Digital Assistance?


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