Guest Post: Top 5 Unbelievable Facts About LG G6+ Plus SmartPhone

the present time, smart phone market is filled with variety and competition.
Just like Samsung is launching its flagship smart phones, LG is also releasing
many amazing and extra ordinary smart phones and LG G6+ is one of the best
smart phones offered by LG.

with the smart phone, LG also released LG back cover and case so that users can
be complete freedom of changing the way their device look. Single purchase of
cover can entirely change the appearance of your smart phone and that is
something highly appreciated by users.

the option of additional LG back panel purchase seemsto attract young users the most. There are some features that make this
device unique and unbelievable interesting for users of age groups as well.
Those features are highlight factor of this device.
latest smart phone was revealed to the public in a Mobile World Congress.
Basically, the main attraction point of this device is its slim appearance.
There are plenty of details to discuss, but we will go thru the major five
facts of this device that will give a proper understanding of this device.

Facts About LG G6+

  • Sulty
    Screen of this device is actually admirable. In fact, due to its
    big and convenient screen, user gets the new look of their device even without
    LG flip cover. Since the screen is big enough to cover almost all area of the
    front side, your change of wallpaper will do the job of the change of
    appearance. Moreover,
    this screen can allow the user to get the extra space so that they can keep and
    manage their applications and games that have been installed in this device.
    5.7 inch screen is definitely a major highlight factor of this device. 
  • Twin
    One camera was quite popular and common in the smart phone.
    Therefore, LG is now
    offering twin camera in G6+. Camera quality is good which allows you to get
    high quality and crystal clear pictures whenever you need it. This
    device has two different 13 MP camera sensors that give a better view of the
    area and the lens of this device are capable of covering 125° wide range angles
    which allow you to get freedom of taking picture with a wider angle.
  • Google
    Android phone is never complete without Google features. And
    Google features are necessary to have a device privilege or feature that has
    been given sufficiently to user in this device. This device comes with Google Assistant
    and Google Now that allows you to do much more than you expect. There
    are plenty of Google Features integrated in this device that will make your
    work easy and quick as well. Google features will allow you to accomplish
    different kinds of task with your smart phone without going thru too much
  • Performance:
    Performance of this device is as good as its features. Just like purchasing LG
    mobile cover can change the way your device look, this device comes with many
    advanced integrated technology that makes a huge change in the performance.  Performance
    of this device is much better than any other device of this price range. It has
    821 CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 3300mAh battery and an additional slot
    for a micro SD card. These specs are sufficient to explain the change of
    performance of this device.
  • Appearance:
    This device comes with the metal body. You don’t need to worry about the
    durability of this device and you don’t need to purchase LG back case just to
    ensure that your device is safe because its metal body already makes it durable
    enough. There
    is no need to worry about appearance factor at all because this is a modern
    style that comes with a lot of improvement scope. You can make your smart phone
    unique and different with case and covers. However, its basic appearance is
    attractive enough and it doesn’t necessarily require case.

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