Checkout: You Can Now Carryout Foreign Transaction Using GTBank Naira Mastercard

GTBank has really be trying to make online transaction better for us.  Finally GTBank Has lifted the limits on naira mastercard for foreign exchange.  This simply mean you can now make payments and purchase things from online websites with a monthly limit of $1000.

After long years of inconvenience, which pushed we the internet geeks and marketers in opening of a Dollar account just to perform online transactions.  The good news is that you don’t need your dollar accounts for transaction anymore.

Likewise there is a little problem which is; to make withdrawals with your naira master card abroad, you’ll be charge N1000 instead of N420; and you can only withdrawal $300 daily.

Now, what we will be talking about is the conversion rate of GTBank. Someone was charged 380/$ on GTBank naira MasterCard, and it’s still very high if you ask me.

What is your Say on this? 


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