Checkout: Top 3 Good Reason Why Android Is Far More Better Than iPhone

Don’t want it to look like am trying to downgrade one device from the other but as it is now is is recorded that iPhone devices and Android is the current selling smartphones in the mobile market today, We all know that this two smartphone are good and the most reigning ones as for now, and Many updates are been release on the both devices as well.

Taking a Close look at this you will realize that Android is Far more better than iPhone, Checkout below my reasons why i said so.

Top 3 Good Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

1. Sharing Files Made Easier With Other Devices: The iPhone users will attest to this that is not easy sharing file from iPhone to other devices or even from iPhone to iPhone. Assuming, i have ‘Facebook app’ on my phone, it will be very difficult to send the app from my iPhone to other users but if is android, you only need Xender app, Blutooth, infra-red and some other related sharing app and your transfer is done successfully. To connect to a computer on iPhone, requires iTune software while android only requires USB cord and you are done.

2. Affordability: When it comes to buying of cheap and affordable phone, android should be the first to consider because if you need an iOS phone, even N100,000 might not be able to afford it but with just N10,000, you can buy quality android phone with perfect features.

3. Faster Technology Advancement and Upgrade: When it comes to upgrade, android are the best and fast because Google developed it and gave other manufacturers ability to made devices with the OS (operating system) unlike iPhone which are only made by Apple. From android kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and more are still coming.

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