How To Move/Install Apps On SD Cards Instead Of Phone Inbuilt Memory/Storage

Many Users are faced with this problem of Running out of Memory, Are you faced with the issue of receiving this error message on your device “unfortunately device memory is full.” Or  “unfortunately, app has closed”. This is the solution to solve this Error related issues.

you will just need to move Change your Installation Location From Phone To SD Card. In Other to avoid  lagging, hanging, s lowliness, freezing and any malfunctioning behaviour. You don’t have to root your phone and there are two ways to resolve the issue.

How To Move/Install Apps On SD Cards Instead Of Phone Inbuilt Memory/Storage


If you have been using the smartphone and many applications has been moved to the SD card, you can use this tutorial to move already installed app to the memory card.

  • Insert an SD card on your phone and go to Phone settings.
  • Tap on Applications and tap on the App you want to move in the list of installed apps.
  • Tap on “Storage” and if the app can be moved, a change button would appear.
  • You can now tap on Change ==>> SD card and follow the afterwards instructions.


If you purchase a new phone and want all Apps to be installing on the memory card only, you can follow this tutorial below and resolve that;

  • Just insert a new or old memory card or SD card into your smartphone.
  • Then, go to Phone settings and select ” Use as internal storage” and tap on NEXT.
  • The phone will immediately prompt you to format the memory card and surely, this action will erase your data. So, backup your phone before you proceed to flash it.
  • After successful flashing, your memory card will start to collect the downloads, files installation and anything.

I hope with above method you will know how to go about with changing your installation Storage on your device. If you find this useful, Feel Free to Drop Us a Comment.


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