WATCH VIDEO: How To Optimize Your Blog And Set SEO On Your Blog For Blogger (Part 2)

Finally I am To Proceed with My SEO Tutorial For the Part 2, I will Advice you better go and Read Part 1 before proceeding with this, I will be Making use of Video Tutorial Full Created By Me, In Other To Teach the Part 2 because it require more of Video Practice than writing. If You Miss Out the Last Tutorial.

After Setting your Custom Header Tag, and Custom Robots Then You Are Good to Proceed with the Basic Google Meta Tags. You can Copy the Meta Tag Below After which you are done watching The below Video.

Watch Video Below

Below is The Meta Tags Which You Need After Watching This Video, Just Follow the Instruction In The Video Tutorial And After which You Done Just Give Your Blog Just a week And You Will Notice The Ranking Performance on Search Result.

Copy And Past The Meta Tag On Your Blogger Dashboard Below were You Placed Google Verification Meta Tags.

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