See Photos: Vivo V5 SmartPhone Battery Exploded and Caught Fire While Charging (Checkout)

Vivo Is Presently Battling with a current Situation on their device, Vivo 5 which is said to be the selfie camera-focused smartphone was Reported to Explode and Caught Fire While Charging, It has even Be Long Ago Vivo Launched Vivo V5s, It Possess Similar Specification with this and was Build with The same Optical wires, Could This mean That V5s Is In Danger also?

As we All Can Remember Vividly Earlier 2016 Samsung Galaxy Faced a Similar Explosion Battery Issue, and Now is Vivo V5,  I guess that The battery used to be the reason for the surprising explosion and that’s the reason the primary energy of a smartphone and must be treated with care. On this fresh explosion, there have been two experiences towards the explosion of Vivo V5 from other other people and at other location.

One Reason which might Lead to this Explosion of the Battery is bodily injury to the battery, this may occur whilst you drop your handset it could possibly trigger a puncture or tear and if the battery construction is compromised a brief circuit can occur inside of it which will in the end warmth and explode. I Guess This is one Of the Reason.

Overheating Is another Factor That Lead to Explosion of Battery while Charging, That is to say Battery Injury and Overheat are the two Factors which Contributed to the Explosion of the device but Yet As for Now Vivo Co-Operate is still Silent about the Issue but we Believe that they will come up with Something Helpful and a respectable remark relating to this factor after they discovered the trigger.

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