See Photos: Leaked Photos Of Samsung Galaxy C10, First Samsung Device To Feature Dual Camera

Rumors Are now Flying About Samsung Galaxy First Dual Camera device which is yet to be launched. Many had already base their mind on Galaxy Note 8, But Looks Like The Company Made a Change Of Plan, And it looks like Samsung Galaxy C10 will now have the honour of becoming Samsung First Dual Camera Smartphone.

 New leaked images of Samsung Galaxy C10 not only suggest that the phone will feature a dual camera
setup but also that it will be the first smartphone from the South Korean company to have this camera configuration. Also The body seems to be made of metal and looks like a unibody design has been employed, the 2 cameras are placed vertically and the Samsung branding appears below them.

The Samsung Leaked was said to come with 6GB RAM,Samsung Galaxy C10 focuses only on a small portion of the device’s back, revealing things like rose gold color, antenna bands, dual-LED flash, and power/lock key. It might likely come with Snapdragon 660 chipset.

The Samsung Galaxy C10 may also have another variant the Galaxy C10 Plus. The Galaxy C10 is supposed to be a device with a 6-inch screen and it will be interesting to see how Samsung differentiates between the regular C10 and the C10 plus. The Leaked Samsung Galaxty C10 which is Among the C Series support up to two 16-megapixel dual cameras with 4K video recording so the possibility of it being used in the C10 is high.

Dual Camera



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