See Photos: How To Draw An Arrow Pointer Indicator On Image Using Photoshop CS3

I Present to you Another Photoshop Tutorial which i am sure you will find it Useful, Many Of You are Article writers and You might be faced in Situation when you writing an Article and will Love to Indicate a Specific area Using an “Arrow”Although is a kind of difficult doing this but in this article i will be showing you how to Draw Arrow To Indicate a Specific area in an Image Tutorials, But You will be needing Photoshop Software to Perform this.


  • A Computer Set (PC)
  • Photoshop Installed Software
  • Your Time and Knowledge.

How To Draw An Arrow Indicator In An Image Tutorial Using Photoshop 

  • First Of All, Open The Image Which you currently Using as the Image Tutorial/ Which you wish to draw an Arrow on it Using The Photoshop Software
  • Now Select The “Line Tools” From The Photoshop Tools Bar as Shown Below

  •  Now Click On Option Bar From Above Option Bar, As Shown Below

  • Now Set The Following Options As Shown In The Image Below.

  • You Are At a Door Step To Achieve Your Result, While You are Still on the Line Tool In The Photoshop, Locate Your Icon On Top Of The Image You wish To Draw The Arrow On.
  • Right Click and Hold, Then Draw The Mouse Upward Or Downward And You will See The Magic Arrow Will Appear just as It is in The Below Image.

  • You can As Well Change The Color Of The Arrow By Clicking On Color Option, Located At Top Option Tool Bar.

  • Now A Color Chart Box will Appear, Choose Your Desired Color and it will reflect On The Arrow.

  • The Click On Ok, You Are Finally Done.

I Hope This Tutorial Helps? If You Encounter Any Difficulty In The Process Contact Us Using The Comment Box Below and Do Well To Share This Post With Your Friends On Social Networks


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