See Photos: Google Set To Redesign And Change Its Mobile Search UI, See This Ugly Design I Beg

Google No.1 Popular Search Engine is about to Change Their design on Mobile Interface. I don’t really know why Google would think of the idea to change the design because the formal design is more beautiful, simplified and well highlighted with blue color for faster understanding. It even attracts the attention of the readers.

New Google Search UI Interface
Old Google Search UI Interface

As For Me I Prefer The First One, You can see from The Image Above How google want to Redesign their search Result performance. Google decision to change the user interface of its Google search mobile version user interface to black design is what am Not Understanding. Google is still normal but has dropped the usual blue and green for titles and URL breadcrumbs and replaced it with black. What an Awful design.

Whats Your Say On This? Which Do You Prefer?


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