Microsoft Finally Launched Window 10 S Operating System ( Checkout)

It was Earlier Seen That Microsoft Launched Upgrade Of Window 10 Pro, Which is The Window 10 S, It’s essentially For education-focused answer to Chrome OS. This new Windows 10 S operating system has been streamlined to be able to run on low- end computers with lower hardware requirements and smaller install size. This window is kind of Similar to The Pro, But The Only Seen Difference is Window 10 S will only run applications from windows store and users can also package their existing Apps and provide them on windows for others to install.

It is also said That Genuine Windows Pro PCs will get Windows 10 S for free and new education PCs will get the Windows 10 S starting From $189 this summer which is N57,700 in Nigeria. Microsoft 10 S is also designed to work faster, the login process now takes 15 seconds from boot which is faster than Windows 10 Pro on the same hardware. So, this will allow schools to configure multiple machines with a USB drive. Using pre-configured settings or option, Windows 10 S will cause the PC to set itself up, simply by plugging in the drive in the OS.

Whats Your Say On This New Window 10 S Operating System?


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