Life Is Easier On iPhone – Apple Tells Android Users As They Updates Android Switch Campaign

Android users have been claiming That Android is has made life easy when it comes to the way it operates and works, and Android users keep comparing Apple And Android as well but Apple wants to prove them wrong this time around. So recently updated some parts of its official website, which now includes a section dedicated to Android users who may want to switch to iOS.

Apple went Further to Say that “Life is easier on iPhone. And that starts as soon as you turn it on.”  Also scrolling down the page on their official website, you’ll discover several reasons why Apple thinks that switching to an iPhone is a good idea – starting with the fact that transferring your data (after downloading the dedicated Move to iOS app from Google Play) is easy as a breeze. I Must say that Apple has made everything so easy when transfering data from iOS to Android in seconds when you turn the table around.

Moreover with all this it seems that Apple is trying to lure Android users to ditch their Android device into the dustbin and get a branded iPhone device. Apple is actually bragging about the fact that iPhones are very fast considering their custom chipsets, great cameras (iPhone 2MP camera out shine some Android 16MP camera px), offer enhanced privacy and security and generally, iOS is simple to use. They also released a 16seconds video on their Youtube page about the easiness of ditching your Android handset for an iPhone.


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