How To Spot A Fake And Original Nokia 3310 (2017), As Fake Nokia 3310 (2017) Is In Circulation

The Recently Launched Nokia 3310 (2017), Fake version Has been Seen In Circulation for a while now And Many people Are indeed falling for the Fake version thinking is the original one, The Fake Nokia 3310 (2017) Has a lot of Resemblance With the original In terms Of Designs, Shapes, Size, Colors and Others. We want to Put an end to this, In This article i will show you how to Spot The Fake Nokia device.

How To Spot An Original And Fake Nokia 3310 (2017)

1. The homescreen is different.
2. The menu button is located at the left instead of the middle on the fake version.
3. The fake is coated in a paint of yellow that appeared dull compared to the original.
4. The fake keyboard are smaller and coated with black ink while the original are coated with silver with a bigger keyboard.
5. You will notice the fonts are different.
6. The screen quality is low.
7. The menu or “GO TO” button is missing.

You can Also Identify An Original and Fake By Observing The Following Below.

 Kindly Look at the original Nokia 3310 (2017) version at the right and the fake at the left side.

Hope You can See The Great Difference? The Difference is Clear.. Whats Your Say On This?


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