How To Exchange Your Old Smart Phones To New Phones At Slot In Your Location

Wow. You still have an Opportunity To own a Mobile Phone, Were is all that your damaged Smart Phones? Bring them and exchange it to Newer device Now, At Slot.This wonderful service was launched Through Collaboration Of Slot with Matrix.

The Most Interesting Part of this service is that you can swap that your cracked screen phone, bricked phone, virus infested phone, faulty old (tied with rubber band) phone and other common problems especially those using Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, Tecno, Infinix and lots more.

Moreover There Many Place and Location where this Slot Can Be Found. But For Now The slot trade-in service is currently available in all stores in Abuja, Lagos, Abeokuta, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Kaduna, Uyo, Aba, Owerri, Calabar, Benin, Enugu and other states.


NOTE: Don’t just go there and Drop Your Phone and just pick up new one to avoid Embarrassment and beating, Just Note that The state of your Old Phone condition determines how much they will price it and good phone without fault will be welcome with a good price.

  • All You Need to do is Locate and walk in any Slot nearest to you with your old mobile phone and present it to Matrix (which are the people partnering with Slot to render this service) also known as REP.
  • Now Pick up and fill a form stating your mobile phone current condition.
  • The Matrix or REP will inspect the phone and tell you the amount and if you are satisfied with the amount, you will get a voucher for the amount.
  • Just, add some money to the voucher amount and get a brand new phone.

As i made mention Above, The state of your device will determine the Amount you will Add, But this will not be upto the price of Buying newer device.

WARNING: To Avoid someone from Exchanging your device or If your phone is stolen, you should register it in this website in order to prevent someone from switching a stolen phone to a new one.

Hope This Information Helps?


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